TraQtion empowers clients to make safer and more sustainable decisions.

NSF International
Project Type
UI/UX Design
Jan 2021
Feb 2021
APP UI Design

Project Overview

TraQtion is a cloud based platform that empowers clients to make safer and more sustainable decisions in their supply chain.

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Project Execution

My role as Business Intelligence Developer was to query our data base, clean the data, and present the data in a way that makes sense. This meant meeting directly with clients to ensure the data was correct, clean, and easy to understand on the dashboards and data presented. We followed an iterative design process, and I helped redesign the dashboards to be automated and increase transparency and access to the underlying data.


Clients were able to have a more clear understanding exactly what data and what formulas are calculated under the surface of the dashboard, and able to download and query the data for more advanced analysis. This ensured transparency and enabled clients to identify problem suppliers as well as rewarding their best suppliers. In food safety, this resulted in up to 40% decrease in reported food complaints at restaurants and grocery stores. In the sustainability space, clients were able to make better decisions on which suppliers to use based on their sustainability certifications and other key metrics unique to each industry.

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