About me

Hi, I'm David (he/his/they). I'm always up for adventure and tackling new and challenging problems. I seek to eliminate pain and bring joy to product design, iterating and finding ways to improve along the way. I love studying the built environment, information architecture, and exploring new spaces.

David stands on a bridge with fog in the background. He is wearing a hat, a bandana, a raincoat, and a backpacking backpack with a rain cover on it. He's wearing gloves and holding a hiking pole in his right hand.

My story

I first started learning about UX as a software developer at NSF International, where I noticed how challenging it was to create software that is easy to use, and talking directly to customers and clients. I knew there had to be a better way to improve our product - and found user experience research and design during the journey.

My journey

As long as I can remember I've created products to tackle challenges in my community and backyard. I found user centered product design as the sweet spot between sociology, public impact, and human-centered empathetic design and storytelling.

My skills

User Research

Conducting qualitative and quantitative user research, synthesizing, and presenting key findings and recommendations.

Product Management

Persistently meeting with all stakeholders and setting priorities, goals, and roadmaps as a team.

Iterative Design

Creating low, medium, and high fidelity prototypes and getting feedback along the way.


Sharing roadmaps, organizing standups, estimations, and grooming meetings to collaborate and overcommunicate remotely.

Data Visualization

Analyzing complex data and find hidden and important insights, then displaying that information in a way that is easy to understand.


API Development, Python, R, Big Data, Tableau, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Java, Statistical Analysis, and more.

My experience

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

Researcher Passport

Product Owner

Feb 2020 — Present
  • Create and Design the Researcher Passport, bringing restricted data application time down from 2-3 months to 2-3 days. Manage product backlog and update roadmap and priorities through constant stakeholder communication. Coordinate with design and dev team to create 150+ user stories and new feature requests. Create a scalable API for internal and external users across multiple orgs.


    Supply Chain Guru X

    Business Analyst

    Mar 2019 — Jan 2020
    • Set and manage internal and external roadmap priorities. Design and research all new feature requests. Created new features using machine learning to save clients collectively billions of dollars in cost savings.

    NSF International


    Business Intelligence Developer

    May 2017 — Mar 2019
    1. Managed and designed 16+ client dashboards and conducted usability and accessibility assessments of all dashboards. Created data dictionary and design style guide for data visualizations and iterated dashboard design in partnership with clients.


    Usability Evaluation

    UX Consultant

    Aug 2016 — Apr 2017
    1. Conducted usability tests as a UX consultant to review accessibility and heuristic evaluations of websites, applications, and digital product suites.

    Built Designs


    Web Designer and Developer

    Oct 2015 - May 2017
    • Iterative design process based on specific client needs and desires, created and optimized custom checkout flows and signup processes. Implemented Google Analytics and other digital marketing tools to evaluate and market product to target customers.

    Wuhan Guanggu Weiming Education Center

    Wuhan Instructional Center

    English Instructor

    Aug 2014 — July 2015
    • Organized lesson plans and communication and development plans with students and parents. Studied conversational and written Mandarin Chinese.

    Unity Outreach

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Volunteer Manager

    June 2013 — July 2014
    • Created a volunteer database tracking volunteers and increasing engagement by 60%, donations by 25%, and repeat volunteers by 150%. Redesigned user flow to engage and utilize meal and clothing services for community members.


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