Supply Chain Guru X

Business Analyst for the Supply Chain Guru X development team

Project Type
UI/UX Design
Mar 2019
Jan 2020
Product Design UI Design

Project Overview

As the Business Analyst for the Supply Chain Guru X (SCGX) team, I worked with key internal and external stakeholders to set priorities, define and design new features, and coordinate with developers to build the product.

Project Execution

We implemented weekly meetings with external and internal stakeholders to listen to concerns as they arose in the product and list out feature requests. We then held ongoing estimation and grooming meetings to confirm priorities and development. Before each Sprint we created and published an internal and external product roadmap going out 18 months ahead of time.

Specifically I developed and designed features that

  • Improved usability of the process of data cleaning and data analysis
  • Implemented machine learning and artificial intelligence to help make better supply chain optimization decisions
  • Worked with the Applied Research Team to define and create new supply chain solves
  • Coordinated directly with 600+ external clients on feature requests and ideas
  • Integrated new features fluidly with other Llamasoft products like Data Guru and external data visualization suites


Llamasoft was acquired by Coupa in November 2020 for 1.5 billion. I was blessed with the opportunity to work on a great product with a great team to design and develop a product ready at a startup for acquisition, enabling even more companies to better optimize their supply chain.

We helped external clients like General Motors, Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, and Best Buy make their supply chains more efficient, collectively saving billions of dollars in improved efficiency with a variety of artificial intelligence powered solves in:

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Transportation Optimization
  • Network Optimization
  • Quality Optimization and Delivery

For a brief overview of how our product design lifecycle visit the following presentation

Building Iterative Products Presentation