Comparing Collections

A book comparison tool to compare library collections

Library of Congress
Project Type
Data Visualization
Mar 2020
Mar 2020
Data Analysis & UX Research

Project Overview

The Library of Congress has a federal project to assess how books are deteriorating and differ between different collections around the country. The project, Assessing the Physical Condition of the National Collection, analyzed books from around the country and collected large and complex data from the color of the pages to the size of the molecules and the acidity of specific pages.

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Project Execution

For our project we conducted qualitative interviews with stakeholders, statistical analysis of the data, and then found a way to present some of the data in a way that librarians and the public could easily view and interact with.

We conducted research, validated our research, conducted statistical quantitative analysis to find correlations, and brainstormed and ideated on ways to display the information.


The final result was a searchable tool that used natural language processing to query the books and be able to easily compare books side by side across different collections with both visual and quantifiable results on the book including:

  • Color
  • Collection Name
  • An image of the book
  • Average color of different parts of the book
  • Publisher Information
  • Year and age of the book
  • Condition
  • Binding
  • Damage
  • Documented history

This directly answered the findings we found in our qualitative interviews, as well as displaying some of the more compelling information from our statistical analysis.

You can view our full methodology, findings, design, and end results in the Google Slides Presentation.

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