Improving Search Results

Understanding Interventions Index is a tool used to fight racism in academia.

Understanding Interventions
Project Type
UX Research
Jan 2020
May 2020
Product Evaluation

Project Overview

Understanding Interventions is a conference and platform that focuses actively on anti-racism and discrimination within academia. Specifically, they study resilience and research ways to stage interventions to encourage non-majority students to enter and complete higher levels of education.

Our project with this client focused on ways to improve the searching and interaction of their index, which is how researches find and interact with other researchers in this field.

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Project Execution

We conducted extensive user research including

  • An interactive map of the existing product
  • Qualitative Informational Interviews
  • Comparative Analysis and Competitive Advantage Analysis
  • A quantitative survey
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • Usability Test
  • Synthetic data analysis with affinity mapping


Our key recommendations to the client included making search and interaction global and more consistent with existing search tool standards, removing unimportant content and adding in more relevant content such as date published, and pagination of the results page.

Once implemented this will result in researchers being able to better connect with other anti-racist and anti-discrimination researchers to research ways to conduct interventions in academia and beyond.

View the final report and Slides